Published: September 16, 2023

1. Creating Change
Most all of our actions may be linked to our perception of the pain we will receive from performing those actions or not performing those actions or the pleasure we will receive from performing an action or not performing an action.

One of the keys in understanding this and ourselves is that our perception of the pain or pleasure, not the actual pain or pleasure itself is what drives us. Is there something that you know you should do but haven’t? It is because some where inside, you link the perception of pain with that activity and you link the perception of pleasure with doing something else.

Quite often we simply look at the short term benefits or consequences rather than the long term benefits or consequences of our thoughts and actions. We will benefit from always making sure we are looking down the road to see where our actions may take us. By taking a longer time frame mindset, we will likely find that if we put up with short term discomfort or discipline in order to an important task, we will reap long term benefits and pleasure. Short term pleasure can lead to long term pain as especially if we pursue short term pleasure instead of those actions that have long term beneficial consequences.

So if you know a task is important but you are dreading it….look inside yourself and see what pain you associate with that task. Then change your associations. Understand the important consequences and focus on the long term benefits- link lots of pleasure to those benefits and you will begin to see your tasks differently. As you see your tasks differently, the quality of your work will change for the better and your outcomes will improve!

Jeff White

Published: September 16, 2023

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