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Martial Arts Training in Raleigh

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Participate in Expert Japanese Jujutsu Training at Versatile Fighting Arts!

Why do you want to learn Martial Arts?

To get a great workout? To improve your flexibility and core strength? To learn a powerful form of real-world self-defense?

All this and more is available at Versatile Fighting Arts. Our system specializes in teaching the art of Japanese Jujutsu in a program designed for adults - both men and women - who want to learn martial arts, self-defense, competition techniques and precision Jujutsu strategy. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, our Jujutsu program right here in Raleigh offers a class for you.

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Get Expert Jujutsu Training in Raleigh

Versatile Fighting Arts creates a total-body workout and teaches real-world martial arts and self-defense through authentic Jujutsu training. Each session focuses on take downs, strikes, joint locks, elbows, finger locks, pressure point fighting, and even some grappling. 

  • This great workout will tone your muscles and burn fat
  • You'll build confidence and discipline as you learn self-defense and effective Martial Arts techniques
  • You'll enjoy newfound energy that will keep you focused at work, at home and in the gym
  • You'll be better equipped to deal with normal stresses

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