Published: September 9, 2023

Entering a Room

Entering a room?

Entering a room is such a simple thing. We simply pass through doors and there we are. We seldom give it any real thought as we begin to interact with the others who may be in the room. However, the door way affords us an opportunity to quietly and quickly examine our mind, our attitude and our intent.

How we enter a room reflects our internal state of mind.

Do we enter a room with arrogance? Do we expect or want everyone to take notice of us?

Do we sneak into a room hoping no one sees or takes notice of us?

Or do we enter with authenticity…mindful of the present moment without the need of airs or pretense.
How we enter a room says a lot about us and if we are mindful, will say a lot to us.

Do we feel the need to be important in the eyes of others?

Do we demand respect of others or does our attitude, actions and spirit command the respect and admiration of others? There is a distinct difference between the two. We may demand respect due to our authoritative position. If we are in charge of the committee, the group, the project, the company etc.. there is a certain amount of respect that is rightfully due the position of which we hold.

However, the greater respect cannot be demanded of others. This kind of respect is given to others who command it by virtue of their character, their expertise, their personality and the depth of heart and mind. It is based upon who they are and the skills they possess rather than the position or title they hold.

What is our intent when we enter a room? Are we there to be of service, to be a friend or offer support to others? Do we want people to notice us as soon as we enter? Do we enter with a degree of self importance? Perhaps the question comes down to whether we lead with our ego or our heart?

Do we enter a room leading with our ego, being self centered and self important. Or do we enter a room with our heart, wanting to be of service to others, offering friendship, support, solutions and resources.

Entering from a place of service does not place us in a lowly status. We enter knowing we are equal to any one in the room and we offer our resources in aid of a person, project or idea.
Jeff White

Published: September 9, 2023

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