Published: August 15, 2021

Martial Life and Living: Smooth Equals Slow

Just a few thoughts on martial training- life and living:

Oftentimes when we first start to train some want to use a lot of force in their movements because, after all, it is a martial art.

Others pull back and are fearful about hurting their training partners.

The truth is in the middle.

When we first learn a concept, application, or technique, we want to go slow. We want to feel how it works and why it works. We want to focus on precision – even a simple punch or kick has elements of it that if ignored will make the technique less effective. Our aim is to comprehend how to best execute the technique by understanding the concepts and principles used.

This is best done by starting slow.

Many mistakes can be hidden from us by the use of speed and power, and our understanding will be diminished.

Additionally, as we progress in the arts we want to use more internal energy rather than purely external muscle force. In my experience, this can only be felt, harnessed, and channeled by slow movement without “muscling” the technique. As we train in the technique and movement and gain an understanding of the principles utilized, we will then see that our execution of the technique is smoother and has a greater sense of cohesion with the rest of our body and energy- thus slow equal smooth and smooth equals fast.

There is no doubt that for many of us, moving quickly and with ” power” has a sense of satisfaction to it- however, by taking the time to focus and do it right, the satisfaction and the understanding you achieve will be far greater than if you had not.

It is also our responsibility to take care of our training partners. It is part and parcel of our training to know how to control what we are doing, to make sure that our partners are not injured by our irresponsible actions. We learn and apply techniques and concepts that are meant to damage an opponent, therefore we must be cognizant of the effects of our actions.

Remember- slow equals smooth and smooth equals fast!

This also applies in life outside the training hall- take it slow, be IN the moment! Understand the concepts and principles at play so that every moment becomes a teaching/ learning moment for you. Don’t let experiences whisk by you- feel life, understand life, gather wisdom from the life and then apply it moving forward.

Published: August 15, 2021

Categories: Martial Arts