Self-Defense Program

Versatile Fighting Arts also conducts corporate onsite self-defense seminars at your place of business or ours. Help your employees gain skills and concepts that they can employ immediately if they should need to. These programs are designed to give the attendees real-world techniques and information to help keep them safe.

Versatile Fighting Arts Corporate Self-Defense Program

Life-Saving Lessons

Versatile Fighting Arts will provide students with methods of self-defense that can be applied to a variety of real-life situations. We will begin by teaching prevention practices. This includes discussion on how to increase awareness of your surroundings, how to avoid becoming a target, and how to increase security in your home and through your everyday habits. We will then teach students various self-defense techniques and actions which can be used in the case that they are confronted by an attacker. We will practice hands-on drills that allow each student to apply the skills they have learned, as well as allow students to select the best method of defense in various circumstances. The lessons we teach at Versatile Fighting Arts could save your life.

Builds Confidence

At Versatile Fighting Arts, you will find an amazing community that is just as passionate about self-defense as you are. Students in our self-defense course encourage each other and help one another succeed.

Furthermore, self-defense training has been shown to drastically increase confidence and independence. By having knowledge and experience in self-defense, you will feel more empowered in your day-to-day life.

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