Martial Arts &

Self-Defense Program

Practicing Martial Arts won’t just change your body – it’ll change your life. Here at Versatile Fighting Arts, we believe that Martial Arts is for everyone, no matter your background or previous athletic ability. Our classes will help you learn how to properly breathe, move and make your strikes both efficient and effective.

Versatile Fighting Arts
Martial Arts & Self-Defense Program

The Benefits Of Martial Arts

Versatile Fighting Arts focus on both the internal and external aspects of martial arts training. Our style involves striking with elbows, palms, and fists, low-level kicks, take down, joint locks, edged weapon defense, and more. All of our training is meant to equip the student with real-world skills that they can utilize should the need arise. The internal side of our art aids the student in mental focus, clarity, breathing, and focus. In addition, proper training in martial arts will teach you to move past your fears and perceived limitations, increase your focus and energy.


One of the main benefits of Martial Arts is improving your strength and balance. Martial Arts consists of punching and kicking, which helps practitioners strengthen both upper and lower body muscles. Martial Arts utilizes your core strength while working on your flexibility and power. Martial Arts can also help greatly improve coordination and endurance.


At Versatile Fighting Arts, we believe that strong knowledge of self-defense is essential to each person’s wellbeing, and we want to share these skills with as many people as possible. In this class, we will teach students a wide range of self-defense skills that can be applied to real-life situations. Additionally, we will discuss ways one can prevent altercations, increase awareness, and establish safety measures in everyday life. Versatile Fighting Arts fosters a positive environment where students can feel strong, supported, and empowered. Join us today and change your life!

Provides a Safe Space

We understand that if you have had to protect yourself in the past or have trauma from a prior experience, self-defense training can be very intimidating and emotionally draining. Versatile Fighting Arts wants to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe throughout every step of your self-defense training journey. Our self-defense class is taught by a highly experienced, professional, and empathetic instructor whose #1 goal is your success. We want to prepare you for potential attacks while promoting an uplifting environment that supports you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Confidence Building

Versatile Fighting Arts is dedicated to empowering you with the confidence and self-esteem needed to succeed in everyday life. Martial Arts can bring out the positive qualities that have always been a part of you, whether that is inner calm, positive mental attitude, patience, or self-discipline. Martial Arts will help you overcome fear, anger, and self-doubt, and leave you feeling confident in any situation.


At Versatile Fighting Arts, students are taught and encouraged to help each other become better. We believe firmly that both training partners learn by working with each other – if only one learns, then both have not gained the knowledge they should have. By creating a bond of trust and reciprocation, you and your training partner can then practice various techniques and applications on each other and see how to make them work. Members at Versatile Fighting Arts have become close friends and encourage each other to reach their goals and become the best version of themselves.

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