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Who We are:


Versatile Fighting Arts


Versatile Fighting Arts is a traditional martial arts school designed for today’s world. Our focus is on concepts and principles as well as techniques and applications. The goal of Versatile Fighting Arts is to equip the student with skills and abilities that will enable the individual to defend and protect against harm from others while at the same time developing the spirit, mind and body.

We focus on both the internal and the external aspects of martial arts in order to develop the entire person. A calm mind and peaceful spirit are better able to utilize the options that are at his or her disposal than an agitated and restless mind. Additionally, focus allows one to be in the present moment and bring all of their energies to bear to greatly enhance their abilities. All aspects of the person are developed together so that the spirit , mind and body work together.

Versatile Fighting Arts is not an MMA school. Our name is meant to emphasize the fighting spirit and skills of the warrior who rises to the occasion and meets all challenges with integrity, respect, courage and honor. Students are not required to spar with anyone though we do believe in building our training so that the individual is confident in the skills they possess.

We teach an eclectic blend of Shuri-te jujitsu and kuntao silat. In each case, we bring out differences and similarities so the student has a full understanding of their art. We teach footwork, postures,entrances, striking, locks, grappling and holds.

Our styles:

Shuri-te Jujutsu

Kuntao Silat Morin

Kanda Ha Kamishin Jujitsu


We do not require gi ( uniforms) as we train in Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian arts. T shirts and sweat pants are acceptable. Loose clothing that allows you to move. Once students pass their first level belt, they are given a VFA shirt to wear in class

NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY and we welcome students of all styles!


Among the many benefits:

Develop real world confidence

Aid in peace of mind and equanimity

Push past your fears and your perceptions of limitations

Develop definitive skills for the protection of self and others

Excellent Dvd instruction by Troy Price, Director of Shuri-te Bujutsu-kai available at


Do you have a children's program?

No, given the nature of our training, our students are aged 16 and older. We have trained younger with more mature students

Are uniforms required?

As we train in an ecletic mix of Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian arts, we do not have traditional gi;s. Loose fitting t shirts and sweat pants ( work out) pants are fine. Once a student passes their first test, they are given a VFA t shirt to wear

Are their levels and tests?

Yes. We do believe that students should be tested and should show a proficiency for their level of development

About Us

Jeff White- Instructor


Jeff White , Sensei

Shuri-te Bujutsu

Kuntao Silat Morin

Kamishin Jujitsu

United States Jujitsu

Jeff White holds rank in a number of styles and continues to study Shuri-Te Jujutsu,  Pencak Silat, Kuntao Silat Morin and Kamishin jujitsu. 

Additionally he attends and trains regularly in seminars nationally. 

 Excellent Dvd instruction by Troy Price, Director of Shuri-te Bujutsu-kai available at

Modern Studio


We train at the state of the art White Tiger Taekwondo and Martial Arts Center at 1605 Maynard Rd in Cary NC. We are just a short drive from anywhere in the Triangle region!

Our Philosophy


Versatile Fighting Arts is a school that teaches jujitsu, kuntao and silat in a way that give you skills for the protection of yourself and others. 

We help your move past your fears and your perceptions of your own limitations. 

We believe in developing the internal as well as the external aspects of martial arts.

Shuri-te jujitsu is an eclectic, well rounded jujitsu system which utilizes entries, strikes, joint locks, grappling and take downs.

Kuntao and Silat are Indonesian fighting systems which are direct and destructive. They compliment the jujitsu quite effectively!

Martial arts helps:

Develop real world confidence

Aid in personal peace of mind and equanimity

Help you push past your perceptions of personal limitations and fear.

Develop definitive skills for the protection of self and others


Jeff White is available for private sessions and seminars

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